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RMB Release-Me Baits

Hand Crafted in Canada by Bill Davis

Gamakatsu Hooks are standard on most stocked items.
Don't loose your life trophy to inferior products insist on Gamakatsu Hooks

Banana Bucktail Jigs

Banana Bucktail Jigs
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RMB Release-Me Baits Banana Bucktail Jigs

All  these jigs are custom made to order.
Each jig is manufactured with a Gamakatsu hook.
Our standard head styles are darter and banana.

Each head and thread wrap is coated with a hard coat epoxy finish.

Custom colour combinations may be available; sample and/or precise description required.

Optional: Eyes, Head Glitter and Crystal Flash

Sold in packages of 6  of same size, style, and colour.

Darter Head Bucktail Fishing Jigs

Darter Head Bucktail Fishing Jigs
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Darter Head Bucktail Fishing Jigs

These Bucktail Fishing Lures are hand crafted in Canada.
Manufactured with Quality Gamakatsu Hooks for superior Hockset.

Each head and thread is coated with a hard coat Epoxy Finish 
that will last without peeling or chipping.

Sold in packages of 6
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