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RMB Release-Me Baits

Hand Crafted in Canada by Bill Davis

Gamakatsu Hooks are standard on most stocked items.
Don't loose your life trophy to inferior products insist on Gamakatsu Hooks

 RMB Release-Me Baits
Custom Tackle Mfg.,
Aurora, Ont.

Bill Davis Lure Consultant
If you are interested in placing a custom order, or are seeking a quote for a larger qty order please use our contact form and you will contacted directly. please
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RMB Release-Me Baits History

Have you ever gone into a store and can't find what you want?
That is exactly how I felt in 1991 when I first started producing my own tackle, and I started catching a lot of fish.

My friends and relatives didn't want to miss out so they wanted my tackle too.
Like the ripple in the pond, friends of friends began knocking on my door.

By 1993 local sports and tackle shops were displaying RMB Release-Me Baits.
In 1996, we took a small booth at the Toronto Sportsman's Show and we sold out!!!

Today, we have a select network of lodges, tackle shops, and distributors in Central and Eastern Canada, and we are still growing.

Bill has built his reputation, and buisiness by not compramizing on quality using Gamakatsu hooks exclusively. Combine that with his superior quality hardened finshes that last, and you have product quality second to none.

He, and his customers know that his quality products will out perform on the water, and the finishes will out last any cheaper versions being offered.

Your not saving money if you have to buy new lures over and over, or you loose that one fish you've been spending all your time and money to get the bragging rights for.

You can be sure that the pros will all be using quality tackle and you will here the the name Gamakatsu often when they talk about hook quality.

Jig Colour Selection Guide  CLICK HERE
Images of each colour you select will be visable during the checkout process.
Please see below our selection of colours.


Musky and Pike Spinner Baits (Lures By RMB Release-Me Baits)

Bucktail Jigs

Humpback Creeper

Worm Harnesses Floating & Non-Floating

Raw Unpainted Jigs

Tube Fishing baits

RMB Release-Me Baits JigsRMB Release-Me Baits Jigs Quality jigs made with Gamakatsu hooks and high quality finishes that last.
RMB Humpback CreeperRMB Humpback Creeper Quality jigs made with Gamakatsu hooks and high quality finishes that last.
RMB Release-Me Baits Colour ChartRMB Release-Me Baits Colour Chart
RMB Spinner BaitsRMB Release Me Baits Quality hand crafted Muskie Spinner Baits and Pike Spinner Baits using the best materials and finished with a a hardened finish that resists chipping and cracking.
RMB Worn HarnesesRMB Release-Me Baits Worm Harnesses RMB Release-Me Baits Regular Style Non-Floating Worm Harness Hand crafted in Canada by Bill Davis using the finest quality components. Every design has been has been performance and field tested. A selection of colours to choose from.
RMB Bucktail JigsRMB Release-Me Baits Bucktail Jigs Quality jigs made with Gamakatsu hooks and high quality finishes that last.
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