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Lake Simcoe Ice Conditions Report

Humpback Creeper  / Gamakatsu Hook
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RMB Release-Me Baits

Humpback Creeper

A vertical presentation jig.
Can be fished in shallow or deep water.
Use a slow up and down motion which mimics a bottom-feeding minnow.

Manufactured in Canada with a Gamakatsu hook.

Fantastic for Whitefish, Walleye, and Lake Trout bait year round.

Vibrant colours, hard gloss finish which promotes extended use, with eyes that add to the natural appearance.

Colours available:
Black Minnow (black back, white belly)
Chartreuse Shad (black back, chartreuse belly)
Emerald Shiner (black back, green belly)
Perch (black back, chartreuse side, orange belly)
Simcoe Smelt (blue back, white belly)
Wild Shiner (black back, gold belly)

Available in two sizes: 5/8 oz or ¾ oz.

Sold individually.
Gamakatsu Hooks
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