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Organic Lawn Care Manual
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About the book
In the modern suburban landscape, beautiful, green lawns are perhaps the most ubiquitous feature of all. It’s difficult to imagine a friendly neighborhood without broad, clean stretches of neatly shorn grass. More and more in recent years, those lawns are evolving into organic systems as homeowners — concerned about the long-term effects of chemicals on their children, their pets, and the environment — turn to natural methods to keep their yards healthy and inviting, and, yes, still green and lush, too.

Paul Tukey, a self-confessed mowing addict, answers the growing demand for organic grass with a comprehensive volume of natural lawncare information. Step by step, he takes readers through the many elements that work together to form a healthy, organic lawn. Well-treated soil, fed properly with compost and natural fertilizers, is the foundation of every great lawn. Plant it with a grass cultivar matched properly to the climate and sunlight, nourish the soil and grass with the proper amount of water, and maintain the height with a good mower equipped with a sharp blade. A beautiful, naturally maintained lawn can be as simple as that.

An organic, healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds and pests, but when unwanted visitors creep in, Tukey is ready with Weed and Thug ID Guides and advice on dispatching them naturally or learning to live with the benign offenders. Tukey also provides helpful advice for lawnkeepers making the transition from a synthetic to an organic lawn system. It’s all here — everything today’s homeowner needs to keep his lawn off drugs, and make it an inviting living and play area for the whole family.

about Paul Tukey
Paul Tukey is the founding editor and publisher of People, Places & Plants magazine. He is co-host with Roger Swain of the television show People, Places & Plants on HGTV and the winner of the American Horticultural Society’s Communicator of the Year for 2006. He lives in Falmouth, Maine.

"This is an invitation to a lawn party where the Stay Off the Grass signs have all been replaced by bare feet. With a copy of this smart, common-sense guide to lawn care, you'll be rolling up your sleeves and taking off your shoes. Read it and wiggle your toes."–Roger B. Swain, Science Editor of Horticulture magazine

"Lawns should be as safe and friendly to earth's environment as they are to the kids and pets that roughhouse on them. Paul Tukey has written a hard-working guide for those who want to keep their lawns as natural as a mountain meadow."– Robert Smaus, former Garden Editor of the Los Angeles Times

"I grew up playing on and mowing clover-filled organic lawns in the 1950s. We rarely used fertilizers or pest controls. Paul Tukey's book is arriving at the perfect time to guide us back to enjoying healthy and environmentally smart lawns."– Will Raap, Chairman & Founder of Gardener's Supply Company
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