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Wild Animals of North America
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Wild Animals of North America

It might be alarming to come across a live, wild animal at close range, but in the fascinating environment of a poster book they are a thrilling sight for curious children.
Caught in photographs that emphasize their wild natures, there is no mistaking these glorious animals for family pets!
Many of this collection’s 30 animals will be instantly recognizable from family trips to national parks and zoos, classroom lessons, and television nature shows, but their wild habits are what make them truly appealing to young imaginations.
These are animals that live and die by instinct and cunning—finding food, raising their young, and evading predators.

Grey wolves and grizzlies catch dinner; bald eagles and polar bears spar for supremacy; a caribou sheds the velvet on his antlers. On the back of each poster curious kids will find information both interesting and educational, describing the animal’s habits and habitat.

On the back of each poster, children will find a map indicating where the animal lives, along with information on how it relates to its habitat, interesting historical facts and lore, and a description of what the animal is doing in the photograph. Grey wolves and grizzlies enjoy freshly killed meals; bald eagles and polar bears spar for supremacy; a caribou sheds the velvet on his antlers. These and 25 other breathtaking images bring wild animals right into a child’s life.
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