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A Child's Introduction to the Environment
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A Child's Introduction to the Environment

About the Book: The newest volume in Black Dog's successful series provides an entertaining and instructive tour of the Earth's varied enviornments, along with activities and materials to encourage young environmentalists.

Kids aged 9-12 and their parents will appreciate this upbeat yet clear-eyed, interactive look at our magnificent planet and how we can safeguard it.

Exploring in turn the water, land, and air around us, the book looks at the wide variety of environmental regions of the world (deserts, forests, cities, farms, ice caps, oceans) as well as the atmosphere, weather, energy sources, plants and animals of each area.
Short features throughout offer fun facts, projects, and experiments that kids can do with parents or on their own.
And a special packet inside the front cover contains a reusable lunch sack, peel-off-stickers with messages such as "TURN OFF THE LIGHTS," "RECYCLE," and "UNPLUG," and a special offer for a downloadable nature screensaver.

Charming original watercolour illustrations throughout are perfectly paired with an accessible text by a father-and-son team of writers (Dad is a meteorologist). And it is all printed on recycled material, of course!

Author Bio:
Illustrator Meredith Hamilton has drawn and painted for numerous companies including Visa International, W. W. Norton and Doubleday.
She was an art director at Newsweek, and has an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York.
Her whimsical illustrations have been used in television ads, animations and books, including The Story of the Orchestra, A Child’s Introduction to Poetry and A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky.
She lives with her two children and husband in Brooklyn, New York.
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