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Lake Simcoe Winter Perch Challenge

Official Rules

Lake Simcoe Winter Perch Challenge Rules 

1.   Participants may fish with or without a portable fish house.
2.   Only snowmobiles, ATV’s, Argo’s, hovercraft, and scoots can be used. No highway vehicles can be used                such as cars and trucks.
3.   All anglers must have and produce a valid Ontario Fishing License (Sport)
4.   Participants may fish with two (2) lines.
5.   Teams will be allowed to weigh in fifteen (15) perch only. Fish that are being weighed must be kept alive in a five gallon bucket at least half full of water.Only 15 perch can be presented to the weigh in official for the weigh in. Teams that present more then 15 fish will be penalized one fish for every fish over, plus the over fish
6.   There is no limit to the number of holes participants can drill. Participants can fish in any open hole.
7.   Teams may not fish closer than 50 feet from another team.
8.   Participants must fish within the designated tournament area. Map to be provided.
9.   Contestants cannot fish in a permanent existing (on ice) ice fish hut or within 40 feet of any permanent existing (on ice) ice fish hut.
10. Fishing on the lake the day of the tournament is prohibited.
11. During fishing hours on tournament day, team members cannot fish more than 30 paces away from one another.
12 Live bait can be used and chumming is allowed.
13.  Rules meeting will be held the day before the tournament, which is Saturday night Feb 27 (6:00 pm until 9pm). At least one team member should attend the meeting, to check in and receive your numbers and related information. However, you can check in after 6:30 at Bonnie Boats. Remember this could make you late for the blast off, so it’s better to come to the meeting the night before.
 Check with tournament headquarters, or web site www.lake-simcoe.ca for any new information.
14. All contestants are subject to a fish house and bucket inspection by official judges the morning of the tournament.
15. All motorized equipment and related equipment must be in safe and proper running order. (Ministry laws require you use a solid tow bar when pulling sleds, huts, etc. on the ice) Inspections start at 6:30 am.  (Have everything opened and ready for the inspector.)
16. You must return to the designated tournament weigh station by 2:00 PM with all your fish culled and ready to be weighed. A penalty of half a pound per every five minutes late.
17. Any fishing holes made by any contestant larger then 7 inches, must be marked prior to leaving said hole. A small branch will do.
18. OFFICIAL PROTEST: Protests must pertain to specific rules violations. Competitors wishing to make an official protest must do so by reporting to the Tournament Director immediately before check in. A cash deposit of $50 dollars must accompany all protests. The deposit will only be refunded if the protest proves valid. Protests will be heard by the tournament director ONLY, at such time and in such manner as the tournament director determines. All decisions of the tournament director shall be final and binding. Failure to abide by the official protest procedures will forever bar the angler from making the protest.
19  BIG FISH POOL:  You can register in our Big Fish Pool, $20. per team……100% pay back.

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