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Lake Simcoe Winter Perch Challenge

How It All Works

This tournament is run in the same format as the summer pro style tournaments You and your partner blast off (released) at 8:00 am, with a trickle start (first to buy their tickets are first to be released with 10 second delays). After 6 hours of fishing in our pre-selected fishing 5 sq. km area (see map) you and your partner must check-in to the weigh in area (where you blasted off in the morning) by       2:00 pm. It is important you are not late checking in, as there is a penalty for been late (see rules)


Like the summer tournaments where you and your partner come with your boat and fishing equipment. Also, in this tournament you also must bring your own transportation and related fishing equipment. Only snowmobiles, ATV’s, Argo’s, hovercraft, and scoots can be used. No highway vehicles can be used such as cars and trucks. All deemed transportation equipment must be in safe running condition and will be inspected at morning check-in.
All anglers must possess a valid Ontario Sport Fishing License (65+ exempt) and produce it at registration (both partners)


Caught perch must be placed in a (5 gal) pail half full of water to keep them alive. We do not deduct points for comatose/dead fish.


In this tournament we allow anglers to possess up to (50 fish) the one day legal limit.
IMPORTANT: you can only have 15 perch in your pail when presenting your fish to weigh-in station.(leave any extras you wish to keep in your sleigh/machine)
If you have more perch over the allowed 15 perch you will be docked that fish, plus one of your fish. Etc. you bring in 16 fish we take the extra fish plus one of yours (our choice)  leaving you with 14 fish to weigh-in. Remember to count your fish. You will need at least 2 pails and if you plan to take your fish home you will need 3 to 4 pails.
Winners will be determined by the total weight of their 15 perch, heaviest weight  takes 1st place and so on down to the 15th place


You can only use portable ice huts that you take with you (either hauling it or dragging it) Commercial brands or homemade will be accepted. You can NOT fish out of a permanent hut that is already on the lake and must be at least 40 ft. away from such.


You can fish anywhere in our 5 sq. km. fishing zone: [all waters from the tip of Jackson’s Point to the north tip of Thorah Island and the east tip of Thorah Island to Beaverton Harbour. Penalty for leaving the zone is forfeiture of your ticket with no refund.
Partners must stay together during tournament hours and must not be any more then 30 paces apart at all times!
You can pre fish the zone up to Saturday 5:00 pm Feb 27, 2016
Company policy: forms part of the rules                                                                                                                                     
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