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Advertising Opportunities

Advertising on the internet

Before you spend your hard earned money on advertising, ask yourself the following questions.
  • Am I getting my moneys worth?
  • How will I track my investment?
  • How many customers will I get for my investment?
  • How much traffic will I see as a result of my investment?
  • Who will see my ad?
My basic rule is, if I can't track it I don't spend it.
Basically this means that if there isn't a way to measure how you advertising dollar is performing once spent, then no matter the sales hype you should say no.

What you should do for yourself
  • If you own a website you shoulds have Google Analytics measuring your website traffic
  • SEO for every page on your website
    • Images properly named and tagged
    • Text content matches page heading or message
    • Keyword saturation
  • Encourage reciprical links with your business partners and related associations.(exclude spammers)
  • Every ad you spend on should point to your site so it can be measured and to improve it's ranking.
  • You should ask for Website information on traffic as it relates to your business listing
  • Have an Email set up for the ad specific (this will caputure all your contact results in one place.)
  • If your using a link in an ad the destination URL should be unique to the ad if possible.(create a landing page for the ad)
  • If your using registration on a website then your form should either be specific or have questions to capture how they heard about you.
  • Some people like to use Cupons or promotion codes. (Usefull in newspapers and magazines)

What we do for you.
How does www.Lake-Simcoe.ca  make sure you get your moneys worth?
  • SEO every Full Page ad to maximize it's presence
    • Images properly named and tagged
    • Text content matches page heading or message
    • Keyword saturation
  • We review your ad and project an estimate based on site history to set your expectations.
  • You will recieve an annual report before renewal of the Page views your ad actually recieved.
  • Your ad will appear in as many catagories as it qualifies
  • Banner Ads appear at the top of each catagory page it qualifies
  • Your Full Page ad can have as many backlinks as you see fit including Facebook and Twitter
  • Paid customers are routinely promoted on Facebook and Twitter 2,000+ contacts

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