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Fisherman's Corner

Lake Simcoe Ice Conditions Report

In 1890 Jackson’s Point  was home to the Knickerbocker Ice Co.

Up until 1933 the largest picnic in the world was held here with a record of 25,000 people who attended the last one.

The marine railway dated from around 1832 can still be seen here.
It was used to haul boats out of the water for storage and repair. 
Over the years other bits of marine archaeology has emerged from Simcoe's depths.
There has been a call to protect, preserve, and return finds by divers and to donate them to museums as historical artifacts.

By the turn of the 20th century this area had many grand homes, hotels and boarding houses such as Jackson’s Point Hotel, Rotherwood, Plumstead, Simcoe House, Glen Sibbald and Jackson Villa.

Today this area bills them selves as the ice fishing capitol of the world.
International teams compete in the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship yearly promoting tourism and supporting the local economy’s all along the south shore.

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