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What is Hypothermia?

The normal temperature of the body's core is 37 C(98.6F). If the body core temperature drops more than two degrees the body's tissues cannot function properly. This state of generalized cooling is called Hypothermia. Hypothermia, often called exposure kills many Canadians each year-but it is a condition that can be detected and corrected by a first aider if recognized early.  

How the body loses heat ?

Core body temperature drops when the body loses more heat than it produces. There are five ways the body loses heat. the table below explains each of these. In an outdoor emergency, heat loss by conduction and convection (wet and wind) are often the main contributors to hypothermia. but when trying to prevent heat loss, you must look for all the ways the body is losing heat.  

Heat Loss  Explanation Example
Radiation Heat radiates from the body into the air around it A lot of heat radiates from the  head Wear a warm hat
Breathing Cold air is inhaled, warmed by the body and exhaled  The steam you see when you exhale on a cold day is cold air that your body has just warmed causing heat loss.     

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