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Fisherman's Corner

Lake Simcoe Ice Conditions Report

Half way between Brechin and Beaverton the Talbot River drains into Lake Simcoe.

It forms part of the natural waterway that played a role in native history.

Early natives traveled this waterway almost 2,000 years ago and left Pictographs along the way.

Starting in 1833 Lieutenant Governor John Colborne started surveying and building the locks for the Trent-Severn Waterway.

Finally after 85 years the system was built to include 36 locks, 2 flight locks, 2 marine railways and 2 hydraulic lift locks.

It stretches through 2 major watersheds the Trent and the Severn

It has Lake Simcoe as its largest reservoir lake.
It is one of Canada's most popular pleasure boating channels.
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