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Fisherman's Corner

Lake Simcoe Ice Conditions Report


  Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

  Ministry of the Enviornment Information

  York Region Information

    There are many of us who love the beautiful waters of Lake Simcoe, fishing,boating,camping, hiking,and swimming to name a few pleasures.
    We take for granted that the lake will always be there to serve us.

    Thanks to the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, the Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy  and many other groups they are trying to keep the lake and its watershed environmentaly sound for us and future generations.
    Since 1989 there has been over 800 projects to make the lake and its watershed improve.

    A report released in April 08 has proven that their projects are working.
    In 2007 these two groups in partnership were recognized by 500 of the worlds top scientists and environmentalists to be finalists for the esteemed international Thiess River Prize.
    Their goal is to restore the coldwater fishery, reduce phosphorus, improve water quality and enhance natural resources of the watershed.
    They have been sampling and monitoring water,fish,microbiological life and plants  in and around the lake its rivers and wetlands.
    There has been several storm water management retrofits, tree planting events, rural reward incentives to farmers and landowners to fix septic systems, wells and other waste practices.
    They have now partnered with the University of Guelph to keep abreast on how climate change may afffect the lake.
    With the steadily encroaching urban sprawl, climate change and the possible loss of wetlands, our plant and animal habitats are threatened, all of us who love this lake and watershed should try to do our part to preserve it.

    There are many ways we can help accomplish this. We can conserve water, use fewer harmful household products, or at least dispose of harmful chemicals properly as well as pet waste and garbage.
    For a complete list of changes we should try, recipes for ecologically  friendly products we can make and other suggestions go to www.lsrca.on.ca.
    For those who would like to donate contact the
    Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation,
    120 Bayview Parkway ,
    Box 282, Newmarket, Ont.,
    L3Y 4X1. 905-895-1281


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