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Lake Simcoe Ice Conditions Report

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Be Your Own House ContractorBe Your Own House ContractorBe Your Own House Contractor Written for those with little or no experience in the building trades, Be Your Own House Contractor clearly and simply lays out the steps involved in home construction and answers the many questions that arise.Locating and purchasing land, Procuring financing,Estimating costs and staying within a budget .Hiring subcontractors and finding suppliers .Building the house .Restoring an existing structure
Birdfeeders, Shelters & BathsBirdfeeders, Shelters & BathsBirdfeeders, Shelters & Baths Easy-to-build projects include tips for providing the proper food and environment for birds and discouraging pests. 129,000 copies in print.
Building Small Barns Sheds & SheltersBuilding Small Barns Sheds & SheltersExtend your working, living, and storage areas by building low-cost barns, sheds, and animal shelters using these easy-to-follow plans and construction methods.
Cold Climate GardeningCold Climate GardeningHow to Extend Your Growing Season by at Least 30 Days For the gardener plagued by early and late frosts, arctic winds, and inhospitable terrain, here is invaluable advice on landscaping, growing food, and warming up the soil in the icebox regions of North America.
Deerproofing Your Yard & GardenDeerproofing Your Yard & GardenThis new edition provides anyone who gardens with a wide variety of deer-proofing alternatives so that at the edge of your garden, you really can say, "the buck stops here."
Horsekeeping on Small AcreageHorsekeeping on Small AcreageCherry Hill teaches you how to be a responsible steward of the land and refine your "horsekeeping consciousness" while providing horses with the best care possible. Hill explains the behavior and needs of the horse, then helps you choose a management method that fits your lifestyle and locale. Read this book, and learn how to maximize your horsekeeping effectiveness with careful planning of facilities and diligent management routines that will keep horses happy, healthy, and safe.
The Dock ManualThe Dock ManualThe Dock Manual is the only book devoted entirely to planning, constructing, and maintaining residential docks on rivers, lakes, and oceans
The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing organic FoodThe Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing organic FoodThe Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing organic Food, this easy-to-read sourcebook offers much to gardeners of all skill levels, answering questions quickly and authoritatively so more time can be spent enjoying the garden. Six comprehensive chapters cover vegetables, fruits and nuts, herbs, organic remedies, and allies and companions.
Wild Animals of North AmericaWild Animals of North AmericaWild Animals of North America Grey wolves and grizzlies catch dinner; bald eagles and polar bears spar for supremacy; a caribou sheds the velvet on his antlers. On the back of each poster curious kids will find information both interesting and educational, describing the animal’s habits and habitat.
Wild Turkeys Hunting and WatchingWild Turkeys Hunting and WatchingWild Turkeys Hunting and Watching This book explains how to choose clothing, firearms, and equipment, all about turkey distribution, feeding patterns, and mating rituals, how to dress a turkey carcass, mount a prize bird, and photograph turkeys in the wild.
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