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Fisherman's Corner

Lake Simcoe Ice Conditions Report

About Us

I have been enjoying Lake Simcoe for most of my life and have heard many stories from my relatives who also enjoyed it in their youth.
My wife, my son, and I spend countless hours on the lake every summer. We enjoy boating fishing snorkeling and breath taking sunsets.

My wife's uncle John Lord R.I.P., lived on the Severn river serving as a lock master for over 25 years.
He lived in his self built, 1 bedroom home which was only accessible by boat or snowmobile.
John often hunted and fished, not for sport, but to feed his family. He knew, and appreciated what nature had to offer.
At age 75 before passing, while standing on his dock one day looking out over the river, seeing the pristine environment and hearing the sounds of a single loon calling early one morning he took pause to say.

"You know I love that sound,...... they say Loones mate for life,......there used to be a pair, but one year I saw one with a plastic bottle wrapper caught up in it's wings.
We spent days trying to catch it but had no success.........I think I've had the best of what nature has to offer in my lifetime,.............
I feel sorry for the next generation, they will be missing something very special"

His words of concern about the environment have followed me ever since.
His obvious concerns about how our natural resources are being wasted and not respected made me sad, but also served to make me look for a way to get involved.

Some time has passed since then but both my wife and I have pondered just how to do this.
I have been involved in administrating events on the lake for many years and over time realized that there are many people around the lake struggling to survive with their home based businesses.
An ECommerce website was just to expensive for most of them, or didn't fit their business model.
Most have small information sites and try hard to get noticed with little success.

Almost without exception these same business people have concerns about the lakes viability to sustain itself, similar to John's.
The concerns about Lake Simcoe and it's ability to continue being a clean and safe recreational hot spot and fishery are real.
There's an unlimited number of reports and data to support this unfortunate reality.

This site is dedicated to the Lake Simcoe region, it's environmental concerns, tourism and the businesses that surround it.
We will be providing Historical information and useful content as we find it, to enrich the site and bring traffic to all our customers.
If you have knowledge of the history, or know of information visitors might find useful we'd love to talk to you.

We are encouraging businesses and event promoters to use this site to advertise and host their activities and product offerings, we will be providing low cost transactions for products, and event ticket sales for the region.

The clients we seek are as follows:

  • Environmental Groups with interests in the preservation of  Lake Simcoe.
  • Corporations who want to be involved in the preservation of the lake and it's surroundings.
  • Businesses that reside in and around the Lake Simcoe region.
  • Area tourism based businesses and attractions.
  • Local based clubs (Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Skiing, Horse, Snowmobile, Etc.)
  • Small home based businesses with hand crafted products.
  • Local Charities
  • Local Manufacturers
  • Local Artists and Photographers
  • Local Event promoters
  • Writers and publishers with regional based information and concerns.
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